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Automating real-time marketing

Maximise engagement using the first AI-driven tool that automates real-time marketing.
Our bot produces personalised and timely content based on early warnings of target audiences trends.
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About Us

We're a London-based startup that created the first platform to automate real-time marketing activities.

Automated in-moment marketing

Our AI-based platform predicts and alerts customers about content trends in a target audience and recommends engaging content to write about.

Data-driven storytelling

Trend detection and and predictions of content and users that will trend in a target audience. An easy to read report narrates what's going to happen in a community of users and recommends how to craft marketing strategies.

Gianluca Angelici

Director and product manager.

Deborah De Biase

Marketing and sales manager.

Fabio Pedrosa

Tech superstar.

Betty Anderson

Aliquam at feugiat est.


We work with the most innovative brands, agencies and publishers!

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